"it aint' a party without the right music... that's where i come in"

    Chip DeVille, more commonly known by the stage name "casp3R", is a DJ / Producer from San Jose, CA and has performed multiple venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and across California.   His eclectic style , which he refers to as "having Musical ADHD", covers multiple genres and sounds.  He has over 11 years of DJ experience, getting his start simply as a hobbyist record collector, and within his first three years, quickly made the transition from house parties to hip hop shows.  Shortly after playing a few local shows, he started making occasional guest appearances on the San Jose State Radio Station, 90.5 KSJS, where local radio host, DJ Luicidal, got him his first big break opening for Warren G. 
   Since then he's also had the opportunity to open for such Hip Hop artists as Mistah F.A.B., Eligh, The Afro Classics, Artifacts, as well as spin on stage with Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious) , Rappin Forte,  Eli, Murs, Luckyiam (From the Living Legends), Language Arts Crew,     D. Lo, Dirtbag Dan, Rec-League, Richie Cunning, Qwel & Maker, and many more! He's also been featured scratching on several albums for Language Arts Crew and Landon Wordswell.    

     Although many of his accolades are as a hip hop DJ, he doesn't like to corner himself to just one style of music.  Casp3R has also performed many hard hitting Undergound Electronic shows and various dance clubs.
"There's no better feeling than making a crowd of people, no matter the size, dance and have a good time"
     On his free time, if he's not practicing scratching or seeking out new music, he's usually locked away in his workshop working on his own original tracks, or having fun making unique mashups. Producing tracks under the name "Chip DeVille", keep an ear out for his new music & mashup releases coming in early 2018. 
He also cohosts a show on called Local Love, a radio style show that features different kinds of artists from all across the SF Bay Area.
     You can also soon catch him soon with his other latest project RETOXx RADIO, where he will host a bi-weekly live music show.  Based off of the idea of his original 6 year long event "Monday Night ReToXx" where he both performed and helped provide a platform for new up and coming DJs, MCs, Producers and Artists collaborate.


Photographer: Frank Andre

Musician: Chip "Casp3R" DeVille

Venue: The Spot - Downtown Campbell